The Real National Debt: What We Owe America's Students
How do we re-establish the credibility and value of public education in the United States? Many believe that the public educational system is in trouble. It struggles under the weight of politically-charged and competing priorities, controversial new accountability strategies and deep funding inequities. Voices from the left, right and center, from academia, from corporate America, and from philanthropy disagree about what is wrong with public schools and how to fix them. It is crucial that we have a meaningful conversation about what is best for our students. The future of this country depends on our ability to produce an effective and innovative public educational system for America's youth.


CNN DIALOGUES is a community forum that aims to highlight diverse ideas and perspectives on the most significant issues and events shaping our time. It is a place where we address shared challenges and concerns to foster a dialogue of learning, understanding and hope.

Our mission is to come together to analyze and reflect on everything from the arts to the economy, from human rights to health and sexuality. The topics are limitless. We will explore how global events have local impact; and how having a dialogue that bridges our differences will help us collaborate to create solutions and opportunities for a shared future.

CNN DIALOGUES takes place in various venues around Atlanta, the capital of the South and a city of change. In addition to this event, two more dialogues are planned for 2013.

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